Year in Review 2018

Dear Beloved in Christ and Partner in the Gospel,

Happy New Year from the Lees!  Looking back on 2018 we give thanks for all God has done, and we’d love to share with you some highlights:

Small Church

One year ago we hosted a small outreach dinner in our home, hoping to reach out to some students with the Gospel…that little group blossomed into a small church!  God has steadily grown this church and continues to bring young believers together for worship and fellowship.  We are a group of about 8-10 people, meeting in our home every Saturday evening.  

We also fellowship on a monthly basis with two other small-church groups, one that meets at the Nakazawa’s home and another in Western Tokyo.  We love the intimacy of small groups and are encouraged by the large group “Celebrations.”


Larry came to faith in Christ last Easter, after watching the ‘Jesus Film’. He continues to attend our weekly small-church group as well as meet with John for Bible study. Larry was baptized last September and has truly become a dear brother in Christ!  We love feeding him American baked goods and enjoying his warm and faithful presence in our lives.

Team Life

Transition within our team has led to a co-leadership position for John with our teammate Shige Nakazawa.  While Shige oversees the small-church groups, John cares for the younger members of our team in a coaching position.  This is both an exciting and challenging new role, but we are constantly blessed to be part of this team!

Also one year ago, we were blessed with two new teammates, Kevin and Adam.  These short-term staff have been a blessing to work with, and we are excited that they are both exploring options for long-term service here in Tokyo!

 Family Life

Bonnie Bae was born in August, growing us into a family of four.  We’ve had our challenges, but we’re so grateful for this precious little girl!  Brooke will begin preschool in April and can’t wait! Brooke and Bonnie are sweet as sisters, and it's a joy to watch them grow together each day.  Jo and the girls spend many of their mornings at local parks or community centers while Daddy is away at meetings and ministry events. At the end of each day, we love coming together for playtime, dinner, Bible stories and bedtime.  

Thank you for walking with us through another year!  We are blessed beyond description by your prayers and partnership in the Gospel, and we praise God for you.   May He bless and keep you through another year.  

In His love,

John, Jo Beth, Brooke & Bonnie

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