2016 - April / May Update

Dear Family, Friends, and Partners in the Gospel,

God has been reminding us that this season of life isn’t just a pause in our work in Tokyo, but He calls us into ministry no matter where we are. In the past few months, our ministry has included sharing and celebrating what God is doing in Tokyo, loving and praying for partners in ministry, and sharing about about Jesus as we go.

Our friend "Sean"

As we spent time in fellowship with a partnering church, we met a young man named Sean (name changed). Sean is a Japanese international student who is not a Christian but was visiting the same fellowship where we were scheduled to share. After the service, John eagerly visited with Sean, learning about his background and hopes after college.  As Sean expressed his interest in animal science, John recalled that his family friend works as a chaplain for a major meat producer.  The Lord impressed an unexpected idea on John’s heart, “I wonder if we could arrange a factory tour. Would you be interested?”  The answer was an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

As John looked into the possibility of touring the facility, he realized there were several hoops to jump through.  Prayerfully, he sensed the Lord leading him forward but also wondered, “Is it worth it? How will I get to share with him about Jesus? What did I get myself into?”  But God opened each door right up through the day of the tour, answering the prayers of our prayer team and our own as well.  Thanks be to God, by way of our friend the chaplain, the day went swimmingly. By the end of the tour, Sean was even invited to join the company for an internship—a completely unexpected offer but a hope foremost on his mind!

Afterward, we rejoiced together with Sean over the surprise opportunity as we enjoyed lunch and ice cream.  Sean kept expressing his thankfulness, but John gently explained that amidst all of the obstacles and unknowns, God is the only One who could have made this possible.  In the conversation that followed, John had the privilege to talk openly about Sean’s beliefs and share the precious gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sean later sent John a message saying, “Thanks to you and everyone who helped and to God for this opportunity!”

Sean’s story reminds us that as we care for the whole person, for whom God cares, He gives us the privilege to address every person’s greatest need: salvation by grace through faith in Christ.  Also, it points us to the wonderful reality that God is planting, watering and harvesting using various parts of the body of Christ—we’re in this together!  Please continue to pray with us for Sean's salvation and key opportunities to spend time with him!

Prayer Requests

50 @ 50
  • We have been praying for 50 additional individuals, families or churches to partner with us in ministry.  If each partner committed to $50 each month, our financial needs would be met, but may each partner join us according to the Lord's leading. Would you join us in prayer?
  • Please pray for our family as we strive to keep our eyes on Christ amidst ongoing transitions
  • Pray also for our team (Tokyo City Team) as we gradually come back together to continue working toward church planting in Tokyo.
  • Please pray for us as we visit various churches and share about 

Thanks be to God, for His love for the nations and your partnership in the gospel!

John & Jo Beth Lee

Enjoying a wonderful visit from our care team, the Plucars

Sitting up for Spring!

Ready for another road trip...
(Air holes are on the sides)

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