2016 - January Update

Dear Partners in the Gospel,

We are happy to be back in Iowa on home-assignment! Up until now, these past few months have been full of transition for our family. We’ve had a lot of challenging days (and nights!), but God has graciously provided the strength and rest we’ve needed to keep going. Thank you for praying for us all along the way!

A Surprisingly Smooth Journey!

November passed in a flurry with a mens retreat, hosting Thanksgiving dinners, packing up our little apartment and saying “see you again soon” to friends in Tokyo. Then on December 3rd we boarded a plane for Iowa. Flying with an infant came with an entirely new set of challenges, but she flew better than we ever could have imagined! The toughest part was after we landed—slogging through jet-lag while learning to shepherd Brooke through what must have been the bewildering experience of adjusting to a new time zone. Thankfully, we are now finally beginning to feel rested and settled into our apartment in Atlantic, IA.

Retreat - Precious Time together with the Lord

We spent one week in Minneapolis at ReachGlobal headquarters attending debrief and interviews. While it had its own level of intensity, it was also refreshing to spend time with staff at the home office who lovingly helped us process the last two years of ministry and confirm our decision to return to ministry in Tokyo. We are now officially long-term status missionaries with the Tokyo City Team!

Thanksgiving with the Fukuda Family

We'll be on home-assignment until September 2016 (tentative) and will be sharing about the work God is doing in Tokyo, receiving further training and raising additional ongoing support. During this time, we want to spend time with you! Please let us know if you would like to get together so we can be sure we don’t miss the opportunity.

Brooke at 10 weeks!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

In His love,

John & Jo Beth Lee

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