2015 - September & October Update

Dear Family, Friends, and Partners in the Gospel,

It’s an exciting season in our lives, waiting for little Baby Lee to make an appearance!  Our due date is this week, and we’re thankful to be feeling ready to welcome a child into the world.  Being pregnant in Japan has been a rich experience, and many people have reached out to us with love, care and concern.

Baby-shopping with our language teachers

In particular, our volunteer language teachers (three dear Japanese ladies) have taken it on themselves to shepherd us through the process.  On my final day of class they took John and I out for lunch, then to go baby-shopping after several weeks of baby-conversation and baby-life lessons!  It’s also been a time for us to integrate more deeply into our local church family, especially as several ladies have graciously translated for us while on doctor’s visits and thrown a beautiful baby shower for us.  We are humbled by all the ways God has brought us through this time.

It’s also been an exciting couple months of ministry…here are some praises and prayer requests:

- Praise God for Chie’s profession of faith!  She joined our ladies’ Bible-reading group this Spring with very little knowledge of the Bible, and is now eagerly sharing Christ with her mother and sister.  It has been exciting to see her growing wonder for God’s grace and His glory.  Recently, while reading about the Holy Spirit from John 14, she excitedly told us that she can feel “the Helper,” in her life now!  Please pray for her spiritual growth and protection, and that her daughter and relatives will also come to know our dear Savior.

- Praise the Lord for many growing mentor/discipleship relationships among the young-men’s groups God has formed!  It’s wonderful to see Christian men in Tokyo heartily pursuing God and sharpening one another in their walk with Him.  Please pray for John and the guys as he plans a men’s retreat for November—pray that they will be blessed by time in God’s presence and built up by the Lord in their time of fellowship.  

- Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery for Baby Lee and for our transition to parenthood.

- Our team is receiving a visit from a prayer team in a couple of weeks—they are coming to pray for us, our ministry, and the city.  They are also providing training on prayer and spiritual-warfare for our team and our ministry partners.  Please pray for God’s blessing over this time, that we will be equipped according to the Word to stand firm in who He is to bring glory to Him.

- Starting this December, we plan to spend about nine months in Iowa for home-assignment, to receive training and raise support for the coming years.  We would love to visit you—just let us know and we’ll set a date!  Pray that God will guide us through this time of transition and go ahead of us to provide for our increasing budget needs.

Thank you for praying and walking alongside us in ministry!

John & Jo Beth

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