2015 August - Update

Dear Family, Friends, and Partners in the Gospel,

We recently said goodbyes to the Tokyo Trek7 team of six interns, who have now returned to their homes in the States.  We spent six weeks together as we grew to love and appreciate them and watched God at work in and through them.  The Trek7 program is designed to disciple college-age students who are interested in missions, as well as incorporate them into the ministry as hands and feet for the Kingdom of God in Tokyo.

Lots of laughs with the T7 Team

For John and I this included one-on-one time where we could get to know one another and encourage one another on in walking with the Lord and ministry.  In addition, we enjoyed planning meals with them for team events, grocery shopping, cooking and tasks around the house.  While our long-term team did our best to diligently guide and encourage, the fun part was watching God’s perfect plan unfold in their lives.

One of the many instances where we saw the Lord at work came during the ladies’ Bible study that Jo Beth and our teammate Jill help to facilitate.  A young Japanese woman, Chie, had been attending for several weeks.  Chie is a young single mother who is blossoming in her knowledge of Christ and eager to continue searching the scriptures for truth.  Though growing rapidly in understanding, she has yet to make a clear profession of faith.

On one particular Saturday, Sarah, one of the Trek7 girls, joined the group.  Through the course of the study, Sarah was moved to share about her conversion to Christianity which happened only four years ago.  It was amazing to see Chie’s deeply emotional response to Sarah’s story—here was a young woman from a different country and a different culture whose familiar life struggles led her to recognize her greatest need, Jesus.  This was a story Chie could identify with, and the telling was clearly Spirit-tailored.  God brought Sarah across an ocean for this appointment which was more perfect and beautiful than anything we could have planned.  Praise Him!

Happy Birthday Ziqi!

God used Sarah according to His perfect will, yet, this is just one of the many adventures of the Trek7 team!  Thank the Lord for His work through them!  Please pray for the six team members—Maddie, Sarah, ZiQi, Peter, Ryan & Kayla—as they transition back to college life this Autumn.  May God continue to grow and use each of them for His glory among the nations!

John & Jo Beth

Singing our hearts out at Karaoke-Kan

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