March 2015 - Update

March Update
March 9, 2015

Family, Friends, and Partners in the Gospel,

In February we traveled to Thailand for the ReachGlobal Asia Division Conference.  This was our first time attending a conference like this, and we were encouraged just by meeting fellow missionaries and soaking up teaching from the Word for gospel-centered ministry.  Some of the workshops we attended ranged widely on topics of spiritual warfare, forgiveness, Sabbath rest, and more.  While all of the information was edifying, some of the seminars that most deeply blessed us were the ones about how Jesus did ministry—very simply, living authentically and lovingly alongside others while passing on the Word of God to people who were willing to learn.

A precious moment in the busy night market

We came away reaffirmed in the simple, but easily forgotten, truth that ministry doesn’t center on having the right programs but on true discipleship in the love of Christ—where God’s people are transformed into the likeness of Jesus.  And in retrospect, that’s what the ReachGlobal leadership did for us—they very tangibly loved us by getting to know us as individuals and building us up in fostering community and offering spiritual nourishment.  Praise the Lord for using our organization in a way that disciples us as we look to disciple others!

Enjoying fellowship over "Authentic Woodsmoked BBQ"

We are renewed in our conviction to invest in the people as God leads and lean on Him to bring His gospel to life in and through us as we make disciples in Tokyo.  As we walk the adventure of discipleship, we remember how one of the most influential people in our lives would say to us, “When you work with people, things get messy.” As we think back, we can point to friends, ministers and parents who courageously stepped into the mess of who we are and allowed God to use them in ways that changed the courses of our lives.  Take courage! Join us as disciplemakers where God has placed you!

Walking the Fishing Pier

Always grateful for your partnership,

John & Jo Beth Lee

More Photos from Thailand

Reminds me of the workshop on Communication in Marriage

I think these birds were just pigeons, but put them on some coconut trees and I'm wondering if I'm looking at some exotic species.

The Night Market: Colors

The Night Market: Never a Dull Moment

We visited the market twice, two days apart.
He was working on the nose on the first day; he was still working on the nose the second day.

The Glassblower: I guess you just get used to open flames

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