February 2015 - Update

February Update
February 6, 2015

Dear Co-Workers in the Gospel,

Wow, our one-year anniversary of living and ministering in Tokyo has come and gone!  This time has felt full (of rich experience) in its own way and like only a beginning in other ways.  We are slowly learning how God may be gifting us for ministry and in the building up of His church. Though we don’t know yet how long God is calling us to be here, it is exciting and challenging to see how he might be shaping us to be used for church-planting with our team in the coming years. 

Enjoying great fellowship at the Pathways follow-up gathering

In the past month John had a follow-up meeting with the group of like-minded individuals who attended the Pathways to Understanding the Bible seminar we hosted last Autumn.  It was good to hear each person’s thoughts and see how the study methods we practiced have affected our walk with the Lord and how it may spill over into discipleship of others.  As an example, my (Jo Beth) friend Leah and I have separately had a burden for sharing with several women in our own friendship circles.  Hearing more specifically one another’s burden at the meeting, we realized an opportunity to partner in leading a joint Bible-reading group for women who are interested in reading the Bible for the first time.  Please pray for guidance and discernment for each of us who were involved with Pathways as we move forward with the passion to equip God’s people with His Word.

 At the Imperial Gardens, enjoying the Imperial lawn (and Imperial pine needles--ouch!)

We would like you to know that we recently made the decision to pursue a long-term commitment with ReachGlobal in Tokyo!  Having sought the Lord in prayer, He has led us to this decision by giving clarity and peace about making this commitment!  Please also pray for our team as we continue to seek the Lord in the area of how and where to begin church planting.  Thank you so much for your loving prayers, support, and all kinds of encouragement!  We are grateful for you.

Jo & John

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