November 2014 - Thanksgiving & Pathways

Got 30 people and some turkey?  It's a Lee-style Thanksgiving!

Dear Family, Friends and Partners in the Gospel,

How are you doing?  We’d love to hear from you and know what God is doing in your life!  As for us, the past month was rich with the fellowship of God’s people.  We recently hosted a Thanksgiving feast for many of our friends and church family, which was a blessing of fun and encouragement to us all.  In November we also helped to host a Bible training event called Pathways.

Lunch in the Park with Al & Edie Lewis

We first learned about the Pathways Bible study method at a church in Iowa a couple of years ago—the Pathways Training Course is designed to equip you to train others to study and teach the Word of God accurately.  Learning these study techniques was a life-changing experience for us as it grew our dependence on the Lord and allowed us to know Him more.  Though we were only able to take part in a few training sessions before coming to Japan, God laid on our hearts a passion to share what we experienced with others.  So, after months of praying and planning, our friends Al and Edie Lewis traveled to Tokyo to give a demonstration seminar for our friends and co-workers here.  What a blessing!
Getting to know one another at Pathways

One of the Pathways participants was our friend Leah.  Leah is a Japanese woman who became a Christian just one year ago, and she is a naturally gifted teacher.  She had recently expressed the desire to get together with unbelieving friends to read the Bible together, so it was a natural fit!  This particular workshop was focused on the book of Jonah.  As we prepared and discussed the pre-assignment, it was wonderful and to mutually grow in our understanding as we share with one another and ‘see’ the book through Leah’s eyes as she read and studied the story for the first time.
Edie Lewis & Leah

Just two days after the training we got an email from Leah.  She had gotten together with a couple ladies to read a chapter of the gospel of John together.  Here is an excerpt:  “We tried to read each word carefully for the first time and amazed so much we overlooked in the past.  Thanks to the ‘Paths to Understanding Bible’ (Pathways) session.  GOD IS GOOD.”  With surprise and delight, we thanked God for His work in and through her life.  Praise the Lord for the gift of His Word and the Holy Spirit so that He might be truly known among the nations!

Jo Beth & Leah

Looking ahead to Christmas, the coming month just brims with opportunities to proclaim His glory.  Please pray that we will be bold to do so!

Merry Christmas to you!  In His love,

John & Jo Beth 

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