August 2014 - Tokyo Heat, Keiko's Hometown & Pray-ers from Michigan

Dear Family, Friends and Partners in the Gospel,

As the heat of Tokyo summer finally ebbs, we are relieved by a taste of cool weather and also by the anticipation of a time of rest…we leave tonight for two weeks with our families in Iowa to attend the wedding of John’s sister Debra!  We eagerly look forward to this time, yet we also look back on a busy month with praise in our hearts for God’s work here in Tokyo. 

Visiting Keiko's hometown in Niigata Prefecture

At the beginning of August we went with our friend, Keiko, to her hometown and spent one night in her parent’s home.  We were so surprised and glad for this rare invitation!  We enjoyed eating the local soba noodles, watching a fireworks show, and sharing life together during the four-hour road trip with Keiko, her husband, their daughter Ruka, and our friend Yuri who also joined us.  Praise God for their spirit of peace!  While none of them are Christians at this time, they have welcomed us into their lives—even as missionaries—with open arms.  We hope and pray that the Lord has prepared their hearts for Himself.  Praise the Lord for these precious relationships!  Would you join us in prayer for these dear friends?

Celebrating John's 30th birthday with the Michigan prayer team

After a long-anticipated launch of prayYamanote, our team joined with many others in Japan and abroad for thirty-one days of focused prayer for Tokyo in August.  Alongside praying virtually with many around the globe, we also prayed on-site each week with a group of local believers.  The month ended with a much-needed boost of energy and encouragement as we hosted a prayer-team from Michigan.  They were such a joy and blessing to us! 

Praying for Tokyo from the Skytree

The summer heat was truly stifling—it was difficult to even be outside for more than a few minutes at a time.  The day the Michigan team arrived, however, the oven-like temperature dropped dramatically…and stayed cool for the entire nine days of their stay!  A local woman who has lived here for over 60 years commented that it was the coolest August she had ever experienced.  What a gift!  It sounds like a small thing, but it truly felt like God was raining down grace and favor by allowing our teams to be physically refreshed as we prayed throughout the city each day.

May the prayers of His people usher in the Kingdom of God in the hearts of the people of Tokyo!

In His love, John & Jo Beth

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