July 2013 - Update

Dear Family & Friends,

As we continue to seek support for our ministry to Japan, God continues to challenge, sharpen and prepare us! About a month ago, John met a young couple while he was out walking our dog. They visited quite a bit, and we ended up having them over for dinner so they could try some Korean food—they were interested to know more about John’s cultural background, and a little surprised to hear he had never studied karate or tae-kwon-do.

Kyle and Sky are expecting a child, and someone had advised them that getting together with an older couple on a regular basis can really help. “I know you’re not THAT much older than us,” Kyle said, grinning, “but would you maybe be willing to mentor us?” Wow! How could we refuse such an amazing opportunity to invest in the lives of these young people? We wondered what God might do with this new friendship.

Later on we got together again with Kyle and Sky. We were starting to wonder, shouldn’t there be more to this—couldn’t we weave more of the Gospel into this? We ended up discussing spiritual things and found that both were very open to Christ, if not already believers! And again Kyle piped up, “Hey, do you guys think we could maybe do a Bible study together or something?” We almost laughed with delight, as the Holy Spirit had gone way ahead of us before we had even thought of it.

So please pray for all of us! What an amazing opportunity for John to practice facilitating a Bible study, using the methods he has been learning, and for both of us to start learning the art of mentorship. Pray that God will give John & I wisdom to model a marriage that pleases Him, and for Kyle & Sky to be drawn close to Christ as they work through the beginning a life together and prepare to welcome their baby into the world in January. What an adventure!

Our last visit with Kyle and Sky lasted late into a summer evening. As we said our goodbyes and were walking to the car, Kyle hung around a moment longer. We had to chuckle when he waved to John, shook his head and his voice trailed off, “Man, I STILL can’t believe you don’t know any martial arts!”

Thank you SO much for your prayers and support!

You are a tremendous blessing to us.

In His grace, John & Jo Beth

OUR SUPPORT PROGRESS: We are at 83% of our needed funding! So close!!

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