November 2012 - Update

From our ministry partner Carter:
"I prayed for you so the Japanese people will understand god.

And I prayed for you to be safe out there and come home safely."
Dear Support Team,

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope this letter finds you well. We’ve had our highs and lows as we settle back into routine after being out of the states last month, and God continues to lead and give wonderful surprises during this time of partnership development. I want to share with you in particular how He has used children to bring encouragement to our lives in these past few weeks.

One Thursday morning I (Jo Beth) I got to work, looked down at my desk and found a letter addressed to John and I. This letter was hand written in scrawled letters. “Dear John and Jo Beth,” it reads, “My name is Carter Pellet. I am in 2nd grade. I like to play all sports. My AWANA club is named Sparks. I prayed for you so the Japanese people will understand God. And I prayed for you to be safe out there and come home safely.” I laughed with delight and tears came to my eyes as I read this simple note which was left on my desk after the previous night’s AWANA meeting. We had spoken at Carter’s AWANA Bible club last spring, and here God was bringing fruit from our partnership with these young children.

To top things off, we had been invited to speak at another AWANA group shortly after receiving Carter’s note. Though neither John nor I are naturally gifted in communicating with children, the Holy Spirit gave us a message that the kids seemed to connect with. Just before the meeting, one of the adult leaders told us that several of the kids in attendance had never heard the name of Jesus before coming to this Bible-based club. I was a bit surprised—the very presentation we had planned to give centered around the story of a young Japanese girl we met who had likely never heard the name of Jesus before missionaries came to share truth with her mother. How fun to explain the joy of knowing Christ and making Him known to those who have never heard before! After the evening ended, John threw his hands into the air to say a big thank-you to the group for having us; before he knew it several little children had run into his arms for a hug. What better encouragement is there?

This Thanksgiving we are deeply thankful for these treasured little ones and for our fellowship with you all in the body of Christ. If time allowed, we could fill a book with the ways each one of you have impacted our lives through your passion to see the all tribes, tongues, and nations praising the name of Jesus Christ! May God’s grace and peace rest on you during this holiday season.

John & Jo Beth

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