July Update

Dear Support Team,

Our summer has been busy as we’ve juggled regular work with raising support for Japan.  We look forward to vacation time with family at Lake Okoboji next week!  Even in the fullness of our schedule, though, God is granting great joy in fellowship as we share about our ministry with individuals, small groups and churches. 
One of the primary ways we’ve shared about our vision for Japan so far is through small coffee times and meals, often hosted by friends or family.  These Japan events have ranged from eggs & fruit on a casual Saturday morning, to an elaborate Korean dinner, to good-old fashioned hot-fudge ice cream sundaes at twilight.  What could be better than good things to eat, a hot cup of coffee, and genuine discussion centered on God’s glorious plan to bring the nations to Himself? 

Well, there’s good news…YOU are invited!  If you would like to host a Japan event in your home for your friends or family, we will be delighted to come and share how God has laid this ministry on our hearts along with the challenge to partner with us.  Just give us a call or send an email if you are interested in being part of the fun!
Thank you for your loving prayers and support!  
John & Jo

Current Support Level:
One-Time Goal – 44%
Monthly Goal – 12%