June Update

Dear Support Team,
We hope you are enjoying your summer!  Our days are filled with work, walking the dog, softball, planning family vacations, and building our support team for Japan.

To be honest, raising support for full time ministry is a slow and sometimes discouraging process.  Satan seems to delight in propagating the lie that God will not provide—or at least not ‘soon enough’.  These feelings seem to have washed over us several times this week, weighing on our hearts and quelling our motivation to continue making appointments and follow-up calls with potential supporting partners.

Yesterday I particularly struggled with this.  Lord, I prayed, please send us some encouragement this morning.  I have to admit that my idea of encouragement was somewhere along the lines of finding a financial pledge-card or two in the mailbox at lunchtime; God very much loves to creatively surprise us, doesn’t He?

That same morning, several pastors had a meeting in the church office where I work.  In the flurry of making coffee for their meeting and attending to normal duties, I laid out some Japan prayer cards near my desk—hoping for the possible opportunity to hand some out to any interested pastors.  After the meeting was finished, I assumed they would all drive straight home for lunch—but one pastor stopped on his way out.

“You’re Jo Beth Lee, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am…”  I tried to recognize him and couldn’t.

“I spoke with your husband John awhile back!  He called our church to tell me about your ministry to Japan, and I just want to tell you guys that I’m very excited for what God is doing in that.  As I read through the booklet you sent us, the Spirit stirred my heart—and I just want to encourage you that whatever God is doing, it’s very good.”

I stopped folding Sunday school papers and stared at him, barely recovering the poise to thank him and give him a prayer card.  The conversation was brief, but after he left I had to suppress grateful tears.  Thank you, Lord…I’m sorry to have ever doubted you.

Prayer: For God to provide homes (temporary or long term) for our dog and cat.
Praise: We’ve reached 10% of our monthly goal and 15% of our one-time goal.
Praise: For a wonderful time sharing about Japan at a Korean church in Des Moines last Sunday!